Best Online Reviews & Ratings
Best Online Reviews & Ratings

How Do We Score? is a Product Intelligence and Big Data Analysis based shopping tool. We help you find the best products or services by comparing them on numerous parameters and suggesting the best fit for your requirements. is also known as the "Next-Generation Comparison Shopping Tool". You can compare products or services across brands or manufacturers and filter by various parameters like price and selling rate to find the best-suited product for you.

We are not limited to certain types of products only; you can compare anything from mobiles, cars, tablets, laptops, printers, cameras to TV.

Our Scoring Criteria

To score a product, we follow a 6-Point Inspection Formula:

Price : BORR AI Team considers the price of each product during the inspection process. We compare the price of the best product at various online marketplaces and then choose the best one for you. Our team always tries to choose a product which comes at a reasonable price.

Selling Rate : We also consider the number of sales made by each product on Amazon and Flipkart. This way, you can find out which products are more popular among customers. We always score the product which is selling well on these platforms, so you can get the best deals.

Product Quality : All products are rated according to their quality. Our product evaluation process provides the best quality (keyword) with the highest ratings, which means that you can purchase with confidence. Reviews of buying customers are also an important part of this process.

Customer Satisfaction : We consider the customer satisfaction of each product during the inspection process. After evaluating the user experience, we provide the product which has the highest customer satisfaction. Customer feedback is a good way to understand whether the product suits your needs.

Service: We also consider the services offered by each brand when scoring. This is one of the most important factors we consider while making the final list. This is why we try to choose the best product with quality and excellent customer support.

Brand Reputation : Each product has a brand reputation. We consider the brand reputation of each product during the inspection process. Our team will only select those that have received positive feedback from most customers. We make sure that customers are satisfied with the product before recommending it to you.

After evaluating all the products on the above-mentioned factor, our team scores each one of them. We have a fair and unbiased ranking system that will help you find the best products.

Our Vision is a project of BORR AI, which is a product innovation and technology company. Our vision is not limited to comparison shopping tools only; we aim to be the next-generation artificial intelligence platform that can understand your needs and provide you with relevant suggestions.